The Opportunity

Is MassMutual South Carolina right for me?

You’d be surprised how many of us ended up in the financial services industry by accident. Our firm is filled with "former-somethings." You can meet Brian – he’s our former-football star. You can get to know Charlie too – he’s our former-coach. Or feel free learn more about Dusty – he’s our former soccer star. It seems everyone here came from somewhere else with one thing in common: a track record of achievement, success and a commitment to excellence in everything they do.

What is it like?

As you might imagine our days are as varied as the clients who entrust us with their financial future. Our associates are likely to be found sitting in a board room of a large company explaining our benefit plan products, while another one is trenching through a horse farm enrolling employees in a retirement plan. You might find one of us sitting at a kitchen table too, with Mom and the kids, deciding how much money to put away for each of them to head to their dream college. While every day is different, one thing is consistent – we work diligently to get in front of people we can help, who want our help and are appreciative when they receive it.